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Visit La Caldera in Lobos Island

The Caldera Mountain is the highest point of wolves island; con a height of 127 meters above sea level, is a singularity of nature. It is a crater product of a series of volcanic eruptions dating back more than one hundred thousand years.

According to the information collected in the Inventory of volcanological resources of Fuerteventura:

"La Caldera has lost its northern half due to the erosive action of the sea and has created a beach in what was previously the center of the volcano."

The approximate time to reach the top is one hour and fifteen minutes. From there you can see the entire landscape of the islet, as well as the neighboring Fuerteventura y Lanzarote.

The waves break around this impressive cone, covered with black earth, typical of the area, and one of the most valuable treasures of Isla de Lobos.

If you are wanting to make a ferry ride to this paradisiacal place, we recommend you not to miss the experience of visit La Caldera Mountain, an ideal destination for lovers of hiking and climbing, who will find themselves in a natural space in which human intervention has been minimal. The start of this excursion starts twenty minutes from the pier.

Some information about the Mountain of La Caldera

  • Being part of the Isla de Lobos park, it is also an important protected natural area.
  • When the journey begins, it is recommended to adopt an attitude of silence and respect since it is a habitat area for birds, especially between the months of February and July.
  • The road is dirt, and almost when you reach the top, it becomes more rocky.
  • It is advisable to wear suitable footwear for long walks.
  • Although it is suitable for all audiences, it is recommended to be careful in the steepest areas.


What will you see from La Caldera Mountain?

The views from this point are diverse. We assure you that when you arrive at the top of La Caldera Mountain you will delight in wonderful prospects. Know what are the beauties that you will see from this essential in Isla de Lobos:

  • Of course, you will enjoy Isla de Lobos in its entirety.
  • The raised beach, which encloses the arms of La Caldera.
  • The marine deposit, which reaches low bathymetric levels.
  • The set of eruptions of Bayuyo, with its volcanic buildings.
  • A small beach of blond sand, in a cove, to the south.
  • The Corralejo dune field, with the landscape impact of the hotel buildings inside.
  • The strait, which separates the Isla de Lobos from Fuerteventura and Lanzarote (la Bocaina).
  • The Ancient Basalts of Lanzarote, at the height of Playa Blanca
  • Papagayo beach.
  • The southernmost sector of Timanfaya.

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Says Sofía Pozuelo, on her blog Eat Love Travel: “One of the things to do on Isla de Lobos is to climb to the top of the caldera mountain”.

“This 127-meter-high volcanic cone is the most representative geological element on the island. Due to sea erosion, it is shaped like a horseshoe. Going up to the top will cost you a bit of work but it is totally worth it since the views are the best you can find, not only to the Isla de Lobos but also to Fuerteventura and Lanzarote”.

Without a doubt, it is an adventure that you cannot miss.

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