We give you 10 reasons to go hiking on Isla de Lobos

An increasingly popular destination, a hiker's paradise. With its mild climate, its beautiful views and its many routes, the wolves island It should be on your list of mandatory stops in Fuerteventura. Before you start, whether you're an experienced hiker or a first-time hiker, it's important to choose the right trail.

Do you dare to visit it? We are here to brighten your day. We share with you 10 reasons to do hiking in this magical corner. Without a doubt, this is a great weekend getaway for families or couples looking for a bit of nature. Ready for Reserve? We know that curiosity itches you to continue reading…

isla de lobos fuerteventura
Isla de Lobos un destino paradisíaco

1. It is one of the most spectacular hiking trails

Not only from Fuerteventura, but from the world. Some of them are easy for beginners and others are more difficult for those more used to this type of trail.

2. You will be able to enjoy impressive views

It's a perfect way to see the island from above, take in all of its rocky cliffs and sandy beaches in one day, which is pretty cool.

3. Hiking is a great way to exercise

If you're looking to stay healthy on the go, this is a fantastic option. Relieves stress, clears the mind, improves your mood and increases your energy level.

beneficios de hacer senderismo
El senderismo ayuda a equilibrar nuestra mente y cuerpo 📸 Artem Kniaz Unsplash

4. It is a great way to connect with the ecosystem

Isla de Lobos has a varied flora and fauna. You will have the opportunity to take some amazing photos that will last forever.

5. It is a site with an attractive history

There is so much history in this picturesque and iconic island that you will be able to find something new every time you visit, even if it is just a different point of view!

6. For its clear waters and white sand beaches

Beautiful beaches, calm waters, great for relaxing and spending time enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors. Entertainment at its finest.

7. Hiking trails are marked

So you always know where you're going! There are several routes available so you can choose the length of the walk you want to do.

senderismo isla de lobos
Una actividad que permite conectar con la naturaleza y las personas 📸 <span style=font weight 400>Vishnu Prajapati<span><span style=font weight 400> Unsplash<span>

8. You can go at your own pace

You don't need to follow anyone else. The pace of the excursion is your own, and you will surely feel even more adventurous when you finish it.

9. You will meet new people!

Passionate about hiking like you. It's an attraction for all ages and fitness levels, making it a great family activity! It is an opportunity to forge friendships, start conversations, learn from others, share experiences.

10. It's just fun

A fun and adventurous way to spend time in Fuerteventura is hiking in Lobos Island. It's a remote enough destination to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just enjoy the moment.

If with these reasons you were convinced, and you dare to this excursion, you are in the ideal place because we will help you manage it. Fantastic, right? Then it will be you who tells us more reasons to launch.

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