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What to bring to Isla de Lobos: essential items

There's a reason why wolves island It is one of the main tourist destinations in Fuerteventura: beauty and adventure in one place. It's the kind of place where you can spend all day exploring, and find something new every time you come back. The best way to travel is in a ferry excursion. But you cannot reach this wonderful destination without any preparation. That's why we've made this list of must-have items so that your trip is comfortable and pleasant.

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Prepare your backpack with these essentials

So, before embarking on this journey, make sure you pack these must-haves:

  • 💧 Water: it is essential for you to stay hydrated and energized during the excursion.
  • 🧴 Sunscreen: to cover both the face and the body from the sun's rays because throughout the island you will hardly find shade, especially if you plan to do some hiking trails, although it is also recommended for bathing in the sea.
  • 🧢 Hat or cap: make the most of your experience by taking steps to avoid sunburn. The sun is always bright and hot in this area, so bring a hat or cap for protection.

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  • 👟 Comfortable shoes, preferably sneakers or booties, to be able to immerse yourself in the rocky landscape without excuses. It is a measure that guarantees the enjoyment of your adventure in the most comfortable way.
  • 📸 Camera: when you get to Isla de Lobos you will realize that it is unlike anything you have ever seen. It is a beautiful island where you can explore and get close to nature. Do not forget to bring your camera or mobile, you will want to take photos! It's going to be the ride of your life, and you'll want to capture it all.
  • 🥐 Food: we recommend that you leave space in your backpack for food or snacks. Although there is one restaurant on the island, it is only one and you must book well in advance. You can even bring something extra to offer to other hikers if they need it (such as extra bottles of water or snacks). This will give them the opportunity to connect with you.

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Don't forget to ask your permission

Certainly, Isla de Lobos is a fantastic place to visit. It is an unforgettable experience. If you plan to go, do not leave anything for your excursion. Before you start packing, we remind you that you will have to get An authorization of the Fuerteventura Council.

  • To apply, click HERE. You can reserve a maximum of three seats per request and do so five days before the date you want to travel.
  • You will need to enter your name, age, country of origin, ID number, email address, and date and time of visit.
  • Once these data have been sent, look in your inbox for the downloadable permit. Save it on your mobile phone or print it to be able to present it on the day of the trip.

Visiting this islet is a must stop for any traveler to Fuerteventura. You will not believe everything you can find. Get on our ferry and enjoy the ride. We are looking forward to welcoming you on board.

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