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The bottom of Isla de Lobos on the Submarine Vision Ferry

Imagine embarking on a mini cruise to the wolves island and being able to see the bottom of the ocean. That is exactly what the Underwater Vision Ferry. If you like nature and want to see new things, this is the perfect trip for you!

On the tour, you will look down and live a unique experience that will leave you speechless: colorful fish swimming around your feet. It is not an illusion or a trick of any kind: it is real! An exciting way to see the islet in all its glory.

If you want to know more about this adventure at sea, take a seat on our underwater boat: we will take you on a dive into the depths.

What is the tour of Isla de Lobos?

The wolves island It is a beautiful island that hides many secrets. And one of them is its wonderful underwater world. On our ferry excursion also:

  1. You will be able to disembark and visit the islet before taking a mini boat ride with glass bottom, while enjoying a drink on board.
  2. We will pass through the south coast, where you will meet El Puertito. It is a picturesque town where local fishermen used to spend long periods.
  3. Afterwards, we will return to the bay.
  4. We will anchor for approximately one hour, in one of its most beautiful coves. There you will practice snorkeling (goggles and tubes available), while we feed the fish in the area and/or you will enjoy a peaceful swim in its crystal clear waters.
  5. At 1:15 p.m. you decide between disembarking on Isla de Lobos to discover its charms freely, or return to Corralejo and end the tour.

isla de lobos

What does the Underwater Vision Ferry ride include?

The glass bottom boat takes you on a cruise along the beautiful south coast of Lobos Island before returning to Corralejo; its glass floor allows an underwater view of the island's seabed. The boat will sail for ten minutes; it will then dock for forty minutes, where you will have the opportunity to swim and snorkel. The tour includes:

🤿 Snorkeling activity with goggles and tube on board.

🍹 A drink.

🌊 Optional visit to Isla de Lobos.

🐡 Underwater vision.

What do you need for your excursion to Isla de Lobos?

Isla de Lobos is the perfect place for your spirit of exploration. If you want your trip to be really vibrant, you need to take with you:

🍶🌮 Water and food.

🧢 Sun protection (cream, hat, umbrella, among others).

👟 Comfortable shoes (sports shoes).

🩱 Towels, swimsuits and flip flops.

snorkel isla de lobos

Dive into the sea of ​​adventure!

Discovering Isla de Lobos aboard the glass-bottom ferry is one of the most unique experiences. This islet is a beautiful and unique place, and one of the best ways to get to know it is from the water.

What are you waiting for? You have been dreaming of this adventure for years, now is your chance! Whether you are looking to live the most exciting day or if you want to enjoy nature in its purest form, this excursion will undoubtedly be one of the memorable moments of your life.

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